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847 GB Mr Florida Pride 847
Registration #:1050558
Sire:(=) MDS Loxey Pride 364
Dam:BB Ms Cherra Crata 780
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BW 62 lbs. EPDs at registration: BW 0.6, WW 10, YW 23, Milk 10. Calf number 3 from one of our 4 year-old cows. Thick and beefy. Lots of pigment and breed character. He has a bright future as he develops. Maternal grand dam (511/4) produced 8 replacement daughters.
847 GB Mr Florida Pride 847
+MDS Doc Holiday Jr 766
+LL Mr Doc Holiday 539
+MDS Lady Grande 846
MDS Lady Union Crata 820
JDH Penno Manso 22
WWE Lady Suncrata 550
BB Ms Cherra Crata 780
NMSU Dubo Cherra 1136
MSP Sir Dubo Boy 863
NMSU 6X Cloverdale 5118
BB Ms Sugara 511
BB Mr. Florida Manso 421
BB Ms Alice of Pasco 409