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Grand Bar is committed to this tradition by continuing to develop our registered Gray Brahman and crossbred cattle herds. The Brahman herd has a long history of producing high quality, award winning cattle.  There have been herd bulls included in the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) Trait Leaders for Birth Weight, Milk, Carcass Weight, Tenderness and Gentleness.  There have been several bulls and cows awarded Register of Renown status as show ring winners.  More cattle have been awarded Maternal Merit status for outstanding in herd performance and reproduction such as weaning weights and shorter calving interval.  Lastly two cows have been included with the hard to qualify Vanguard status that is reserved for cows and bulls that have earned Register of Renown and Maternal Merit status.  As of 2020 there are only fourteen total cows receiving this distinction.

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