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BB Mr Union Berch 647
Registration #:916981
Sire:(=) MDS Loxey Pride 364
Dam:BB MS Pasco Empress 528
Price:Reference Only
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Used with our commercial heifers as a 2 yr old and then bred to entire group of 2 yr old Registered Brahman heifers along with a few other cows as a 3 yr old. Naturally gentle, dark pigmented and good on his feet and legs. BW 70 lbs. EPD's at registration BW +.2, WW +8.6, YW +18.7, Milk +8.0,. Grown on Soyhulls and Ryegrass. No heavy concentrate. Scanning date 04/07/14. 835 lbs., REA 9.90", 1.19" CWT, IMF 1.62%, BF .17".
BB Mr Union Berch 647
+MDS Docs Pride 196
+LL Mr Doc Holiday 539
+MDS Lady Grande 846
MDS Lady Union Crata 820
JDH Penno Manso 22
WWE Lady Suncrata 550
BB MS Pasco Empress 528
JCC Rem Manso 101/1
JDH Balthasar Manso 223/6
Lady JCC Atari Manso 598
BB MS Sugar Empress 485
MR BB Berchs Pride 360
BB MS Empress Metz 291