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MDS Rex Bano Empre 535
Registration #:905930
Sire:Sugarlands Phil Rexo 8
Dam:MDS Lady Sutton 338
Price:Reference Only
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Herd bull we used one year on a group of virgin heifers and young cows. Lots of length, pigment and fertility.
MDS Rex Bano Empre 535
Sugarlands Phil Rexo 8
Sugarlands Rex Manso 65
JDH Rex Bano Manso 215
Marion of Sugarland 5
Ms Apropos of Sugarland 20
JDH Rest Rex Manso
MS Apropos of Sugarland 1
MDS Lady Sutton 338
KCC Florida Sutton 106
HHP Mr. Sutton Resoto
JRK Emperor Dubo 94
MDS Queen Meliton 110
+#AEB.-Meliton I.A.
MDS Empress S