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GB Cherras Pride 859
Registration #:1049388
Sire:NMSU Dubo Cherra 1136
Dam:=BB Ms Berchs Pride 650
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BW 65 lbs. EPDs at registration" BW 0.5, WW 2, YW 12, Milk 10, CW 16, MB 3.11, Doc 3.89. Up and coming bull. Another of many who has a dam that has been placed in the ABBA Maternal Merit Cow Award. # 650 was 11 years old in 2023. Producing 11 calves. Including 3 replacement keeper heifers. 859 is long, clean, has a lot of breed character, is dark pigmented and gentle. His pedigree jumps back generations because of the long lasting females. His pedigree shows his maternal Great Grand sire +MDS Berch Manso 155. 155 became an ABBA trait leader for BW and milk when he was alive in the 1990's. Because his semen continues to be used he still shows up in the trait leader list now.
GB Cherras Pride 859
MSP Sir Dubo Cherra 45/1
MSP Sir Dubo Boy 863
MSP Lady Esto Cherra 833
NMSU 6X Cloverdale 5118
Mr 6X Sunland 874
Miss NMSU 2072
=BB Ms Berchs Pride 650
(=) MDS Loxey Pride 364
+MDS Doc Holiday Jr 766
MDS Lady Union Crata 820
BB Ms Berchs Pride 380
+MDS Berch Manso 155
BB Lady Sugara Pride 201