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GB Loxey Cherra 842
Registration #:1048352
Sire:NMSU Dubo Cherra 1136
Dam:BB Ms Daliala Manso785
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SOLD. Thanks TERRY DICKS. BW 68 lbs. 205 day wt. 488 lbs. EPDs at registration. BW 0.2, WW 7, YW 16, Milk 8, CW 14, REA 0.17, MB 4.90, Tend -0.06, Doc 3.84. Nice gentle bull. Thick and beefy. 842 is sired by a bull we sold to the University of Florida in 2020. His dam, 785/8 is one of our best up and coming mature cows. She had her 3rd consecutive born this spring. Maternal Grand dam, 606, is one of our many Maternal Merit females.
GB Loxey Cherra 842
MSP Dubo Cherra 45/1
MSP Sir Dubo Boy 863
MSP Lady Esto Cherra 833
NMSU 6X Cloverdale 5118
Mr 6X Sunland 874
Miss NMSU 2072
BB Ms Daliala Manso 785
(=) MDS Loxey Pride 364
+MDS Doc Holiday Jr 766
MDS Lady Union Crata 820
=BB Ms Lady Berch 606
MDS Doc Jrs JT Tomas 259
BB Lady Berch 243