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GB Cherras Pride 830
Registration #:1036768
Sire:NMSU Dubo Cherra 1136
Dam:=BB Ms Berchs Pride 650
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BW 74 lbs. 205 Adj Wt. 545 lbs. EPDs at registration: BW 0.5, WW 6, YW 14, MILK 10, CW 18, FAT 0.41, REA 0.18, MB 0,01, TEND -0.06, DOC 3,89. Dam of this bull calf, =BB Ms Berchs Pride 650 was awarded the distinction of being added to the ABBA Maternal Merit program in 2021.. . As of 2021 she has produced 7 consecutive calves. Plus will calve again in 2022. 650/2 goes back to a very strong maternal line of cattle as well and her Grand Sire +MDS Berch Manso 155 whos offspring placed him into the Register of Renown as a 5 year old bull. He is currently in the top 40 points earners of the Register of Renown.
GB Cherras Pride 830
MSP Dubo Cherra 45/1
MSP Sir Dubo Boy 863
MSP Lady Esto Cherra 833
NMSU 6X Cloverdale 5118
Mr 6X Sunland 874
Miss NMSU 2072
=BB Ms Berchs Pride 650
MDS Loxey Pride 364
+MDS Docs Pride 196
MDS Lady Union Crata 820
BB Ms Berchs Pride 380
+MDS Berch Manso 155
BB Lady Sugara Pride 201