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802 GB Dubo
Registration #:pending
Sire:BK 487 of 135-181
Dam:BB Ms Keely Manso 766
Price:call for pricing
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SOLD. Thank you to Buddy Cowley for the purchase of this up and coming herd sire. BW 72 lbs. Nice bull calf out of a first calf heifer. Dam is from one of our best cow families including =BB Ms Lady Berch 606 one of our Maternal Merit cows.
802 GB Dubo
KCC Sutton Dubo 135
KCC Dubo Country Boy 73
BK Lady Sutton Wrinkles
=BK 181 of Arvin 206
JDH Arvin Manso
BK Miss Becky Emp 112
BB Mr Union Berch 647
MDS Loxey Pride 364
BB Ms Pasco Empress 528
=BB Ms Lady Berch 606
MDS Doc Jrs JT Tomas 259/1
BB Ms Lady Berch 243