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801 GB Berchs Dubo 801
Registration #:1019094(AI)
Sire:BB Berch Manso 257
Dam:BB Ms Dubo Esto 777
Price:call for pricing
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BW 84 lbs. Herd bull in the making. 205 Day Adj. Day wt. 499. Top end, young bull. His sire 257/3, was used at the USDA STARS Research Center in Brooksville, FL for Carcass work on tenderness and Shear Value. Having over 50 calves fed to slaughter with all carcass information collected and put into the ABBA data base system. 801s dam, 777/8 is a 2 year old heifer, She is AI sired by the really nice Kempfer Cattle 286 bull. She rebred as a 2 year old and has a nice heifer at side now. Lots of volume, depth, and bottom. We expect him to develop into a herd bull prospect for us. EDPs at registration: BW -0.4, WW 16.9, YW 28.4, Milk 9.7, Carc. Wt. 28.5, Marb. 2.63, Tend. -0.07
801 GB Berchs Dubo 801
+MDS Berch Manso 155
BL Mr. Imperator 39/1
Lady Bevo Filisofo 268
$BB Ms Manso 87
TA Sugar Manso 933
BB Empress Queen 21
BB Ms Dubo Esto 777
KCC 286 of 185-199
KCC Emperor Dubo (185)
RK 199 of Arvin 206
BB Ms Empress Esto 643
(=)SCD Didor Esto 623
BB Ms Pasco Empress 528