As time and generations go by changes in businesses happen.  Grand Bar Ranch, LLC are part of these changes.  The ranch was formed in December 2019.  It is owned by Larry and Lynn Barthle, and their children Ben Barthle, Chris Barthle and Kayla Langford.

Trying to develop a new name can take time to come up with something that works.  We decided on GRAND BAR because between Larry and his grandchildren they are the third through fifth generations of GRAND children of the BARTHLE family on the property.

The name may be new the family and cattle and horses are not.

The Barthle family has a long standing tradition in agriculture and the cattle industry in Florida.  Larry’s grandfather, Joseph Albert (J.A.) Barthle formed the original ranch in the 1930’s.   Since that time there have been several changes and divisions within the family’s operation.   Which is natural.

Grand Bar Ranch will continue to raise high quality kids, cattle and horses. Go thru our website to find information about our cattle, horses and more. Contact us if you have any questions