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800 GB Smokey Manso 800
Registration #:1019076 (AI)
Sire:JTB Holy Smokes 656-1257/47/
Dam:BB Ms Sugar Esto 754
Price:Reference Only
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BW 78 lbs. Keeping for our own use in herd. AI sired from a first calf, 3 year old heifer. Has good potential to develop into a high end herd bull. Nice shaped, good lines and will develop into a thick meaty bull. Extremely gentle and should have excellent marbling and REA numbers. His sire, Holy Smokes won the first ABBA Bull production test that had 100 entries.
800 GB Smokey Manso 800
JTB Holy Smokes 656-1257/4
JDH Mr Crosby Manso 808294
(+)JDH Sir Liberty Manso 747549
JJ Ms Didor Manso 690
JDH Lady Lizzie Manso
(+)JDH Sir Lawford Manso
JDH Lady Brehm Manso
BB Mr Union Berch 647
MDS Loxey Pride 364
BB Ms Pasco Empress 528
BB Ms Esto Pride 682
NMSU Dubo Cherra 1136
BB Ms Jean Manso 620